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Since 1986, Sunny Valley International has been the the leader in imported and domestic fruit sales. From grapes to berries, citrus to pip fruit, we have relationships with many
of the best fruit growers around the world spanning more than three decades.
Since 1994, we have also been a leader in domestic fruit sales, starting with our partnership with the Jersey Fruit Cooperative and expanding to include our exclusive alignment with Dixie Belle Peaches, and comprehensive berry and stone fruit
programs from other US growing regions. 



Our customers and growers know that we’re working constantly with their best interests
in mind. We view every customer and grower relationship as a partnership. We see
every order through to final delivery, identify solutions in real time and operate with unrivaled transparency. Sunny Valley is a trusted advisor to every grower and customer
we work with. When growers and produce buyers align with Sunny Valley, they are getting a true partner who work constantly to understand the business through their eyes.

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