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Coming Soon: New Jersey Blueberries


New Jersey Blueberries are expected to be available for shipping out of Hammonton, NJ beginning June 12-14.

Our growers are reporting great growing conditions.

Please contact our Sales Team at 856-881-0200 or Sales@sunnyint.com for more information.

South Carolina Peaches


Dixie Belle Peaches in Ridge Spring, South Carolina, will begin shipping peaches the second week in May to run through August. Strong crop is expected.  Peak volume is anticipated from mid-June through end of July. Contact our sales team at 856-881-0200 or sales@sunnyint.com ... Read more

Imported Pears


Golden Bosc & Packam's Triumph Pears from Chili are available to load till end of May.

Sizes ranging from 60's - 110's & mix make up our inventory.

Call or contact our sales team at 856-881-0200 or sales@sunnyint.com for more information.