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Now Available: NJ Frozen Blueberries


World famous, Jersey Fruit Blueberries are now available all year long.

Load volume of 12/12oz resealable bags. 84 cases per pallet.

Call our sales team for more information at 856-881-0200 or sales@sunnyint.com

Coming Soon: New Jersey Blueberries


Crop reports are looking strong and with cooperation from Mother Nature, Sunny Valley expects to begin shipping NJ Blueberries mid June.

Contact our sales team to discuss pricing and availability at 856-881-0200 or sales@sunnyint.com

South Carolina Peaches


Dixie Belle Peaches in Ridge Spring, South Carolina, will begin shipping peaches the third week in May to run through August. Early varities were damaged by a frost but mid and late season varities will have strong volume. Peak volume is anticipated from mid-June through end of July. Cont... Read more